Reservation system
for dog sports

For Agility, Hoopers, Dogfrisbee, Dogdancing trainers, etc.

The Dogres system is ready for GDPR, also for trainers.

What Dogres does?

System functions

Your own booking web site

Thanks to Dogres you will have your own booking web site with training. You can have your reservation sites unlimited. Insert a booking calendar into your existing site.


More types of training - normal, intensive, camps. It is possible to set multiple groups and limit the training until when it is possible to log in or logout.

Places rents

If you are the owner of a hall or a space to rent, this system is just for you. Keep your places in check.

Automatic invoices

Dogres can automatically display PDF documents for payments and send them to your members by email. You no longer have to worry about it.


Manage your members in one place. Each member gets a unique code to sign up for training. You can add a credit to a member for workouts.

Credit system

We have a unique credit system for training from your members. You will credit the members and then deduct points for training. With us you will have a perfect overview of your members.

Bank account connection

Dogres is able to connect to your bank and control incoming payments for training sessions and halls rentals. Automatically, it will mark reservations as paid.

Google and Facebook links

Connect Dogres with your Google Calendar and keep your workouts with you on your mobile. Each training can be easily shared on Facebook with the button, or give it like.

No restrictions

We have no packages or surcharges, you pay only one price with us and you have a maximum booking system with all the features.

Video example of working with reservation system Dogres


How does it cost


All in one for one price
  • Unlimited of reservation webs
  • Unlimited members
  • Unlimited trainings
  • Unlimited rent places
  • Unlimited reservations
120 CZK / month with VAT

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Richard Lapiš
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